Get Paid to Browse the Web
Take Back Your Share
Google and Facebook alone generate over $10 billion per month from users just like you. You use their services every day, so why aren’t you getting a share? Newstream guarantees that 50% of all profits generated go directly back to you!
Power the Next Web Revolution
Over the past ten years, online content distribution has been consolidated by a few major corporations. These monopolies now have the power to decide what billions of us see every day, harming our ability to access relevant, unbiased information, and threatening our democracy. By creating a decentralized market for content streams, we put the power of information access and distribution back in the hands of users and creators. Further, by compensating stream creators with 20% of the platform’s profits, we incentivize competition in information curation and aggregation, leading to higher quality content for everyone.
Be Part of Something Bigger
The vision of the web once promised us global community and universal information access. In an era of increasing wealth inequality, we’re seeing that community increasingly controlled and closed off by monopolistic corporations, and the value created captured by a small handful of multi-billionaires. It’s time to come together and create something that distributes the value of the web to everyone.